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Eyegasm holy shit

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You are the love
of my life. Everything I have… and everything I am…

…is yours. Forever. 

Barney Stinson

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I had to #howimetyourmother #himym #finale #disappointed #ruined #myfavoritetvshow


I had to #howimetyourmother #himym #finale #disappointed #ruined #myfavoritetvshow

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Dear How I Met Your Mother Creators,

To say I was disappointed in the series finale of How I Met Your Mother is a gross understatement. I am disconcertingly, irretrievably, unfathomably disappointed in the way you chose to end what used to be my absol
ute favorite television…

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:) congratulations to these two!


:) congratulations to these two!

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Dannie Riel
►Fuck Yea◄
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